Are Document Silos Killing Your Process Efficiency?

Document | Silos | Process | Efficiency | DocuWare | Management

When your employees lack access to business documents they need, it creates a bottleneck that steals your productivity and process efficiency.

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How Digital Email Management Can Simplify Your Work Life

Digital | Email | Document | Management | Simplify | Work | Life | DocuWare | Anota

Email boxes are more than a communication vehicle, they are also a repository of critical business information.

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Helping Employees Reclaim Time With Document Management

Helping | Employees | Reclaim | Time | Document | Management | DocuWare

Providing employees with the right tools is key to driving efficiency and productivity.

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4 Reasons Why Cloud Document Management is a Killer App

DocuWare | Anota | Document | Management | Cloud | App

There are four data points that caught my attention. They say a lot about why document management and business process automation in the cloud are so transformative for organisations.

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How Automation Can Help Enforce Regulatory Compliance

Automation | Regulatory | Compliance | DocuWare | Document | Management | Anota

Document Management and workflow automation will continue to have an important role in enabling compliance as the regulatory environment evolves.

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How Office Automation Encourages Collaboration

Office | Automation | Collaboration | Anota | DocuWare | Document | Management

Office automation improves access to information and that encourages creative problem-solving. All authorised staff has visibility into business processes that affect their jobs.

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Choosing a Document Management Solution? Key Aspects to Consider

Document | Management | Solution | DocuWare

When influencing so many central business components, exchanging any part for a new one means ensuring that all of the other parts continue working together just as well as a whole.

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The Strategic Opportunity of Modern HR

Strategic | Opportunity | Modern | HR | Anota | DocuWare

Facing a constant tug-of-war for the best candidates, managing talent and building a team: how can today’s human resources teams lead their companies into the future?

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Document Management

  • Market Leading Software
  • Simple to Use
  • In-house or Cloud based
  • Dedicated Mobile App
  • Automated Workflow Approvals
  • Integrate into your existing ERP
  • Fully Compliant with Audit Trail
  • Version Control

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Does Your Copier Do This?

  • Automatically index and file during printing
  • Approve invoices digitally
  • Scan any document into a digital workflow process
  • Distribute post electronically for more efficient workflow
  • Ongoing print reduction review process

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Consultancy Services

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  • Requirements Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Specification and Design
  • Process Mapping
  • Configuration and Development
  • Implementing, Testing and Training
  • Support

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