Customisation Within Manufacturing is Benefiting from Digitisation

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The drivers of manufacturing have not changed much, people still require the same sorts of things that they needed 100 years ago to satisfy their needs and meet their goals.

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Why Complementary Skills Make The Difference To Business Relationships

What makes a successful business relationship? For some it’s the personality of those in the partnership. For example one person is great at sales and one at administration.

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Industry 4.0: What manufacturing businesses stand to gain from digitisation

SMEs that operate in the manufacturing sector will be hearing the term ‘industry 4.0’ more and more these days, but some may not understand exactly what it means.  Simply put, Industry 4.0 refers to the digitisation of the factory and supply chain, and the introduction of intelligent automation and information management.

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Dividing Up Incoming A/P Invoices into Multiple Accounts: The GL Coding Dialog

It’s simple to split invoices to reflect multiple cost centers in DocuWare. It saves you from entering tons of annoying data into your ERP. The splitting tool also lets you generate ERP-compatible data records without much effort.

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Join The Race To Get Industry 4.0 Ready!

Today, we live in a forward thinking, technological society, where one of the main concerns is about progressing in any way possible; whether that is as a business, a technical or mental standpoint.

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Rail 4.0: How Digitisation Can Help The Rail Industry With Risk Management And Compliance

As the Industry 4.0 trend sweeps across manufacturing and retail sectors, the benefits of going truly digital are becoming increasingly apparent.

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Digitalisation Of The Rail Sector

Industry 4.0 is no longer a new concept, it is being adopted by many different manufacturing sectors. This is including the rail industry and is affecting every aspect, including the supply chain. It will be a new dawn for the whole vertical chain, and it will have a colossal impact on the supply chain especially. The Industry 4.0 ecosystem will bring about an eclectic range of digital technologies.

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British Aerospace Embraces Industry 4.0

Many of the leading manufacturing companies have already boosted their own significance in the industrial automation of their business processes. Aerospace is one of the leading manufacturing sectors and one that is currently moving into the next tier of industrial automation.

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Are You Missing Out On The Benefits Of A Paperless Office?

A paperless office makes working more fluid and productive because it eliminates manual processes and automates repetitive tasks. While a fully digital environment was once beyond the reach of most businesses, recent technology advances have made going paperless easier — and essential.

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Document Management

  • Market Leading Software
  • Simple to Use
  • In-house or Cloud based
  • Dedicated Mobile App
  • Automated Workflow Approvals
  • Integrate into your existing ERP
  • Fully Compliant with Audit Trail
  • Version Control

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Does Your Copier Do This?

  • Automatically index and file during printing
  • Approve invoices digitally
  • Scan any document into a digital workflow process
  • Distribute post electronically for more efficient workflow
  • Ongoing print reduction review process

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Consultancy Services

anota logo
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Specification and Design
  • Process Mapping
  • Configuration and Development
  • Implementing, Testing and Training
  • Support

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