Anota joins forces with Intuitive

    Anota is excited to announce our partnership with Intuitive.

    Bringing their innovative Intuitive Dashboards for DocuWare solutions to UK businesses.

    This powerful combination enhances our existing solutions portfolio and empowers you to gain deeper insights from your DocuWare data.

    See more, better.

    Effortless Visualisation Ditch complex reports and spreadsheets. Intuitive Dashboards transform your DocuWare data into clear, actionable visuals, accessible to everyone in your organisation.

    Real-time Visibility Monitor key metrics and identify trends instantly. Make informed decisions based on up-to-date data, not outdated reports.

    Improved Process Management Pinpoint bottlenecks, optimise efficiency, and drive continuous improvement.

    Faster Implementation Unlike traditional BI tools, Intuitive Dashboards are up and running in hours, not weeks. See results quickly and start making a difference sooner.

    Seamless Integration The dashboards seamlessly integrate with your existing DocuWare system, leveraging your existing data without complex configurations.

    Ready to unlock the power of your DocuWare data?

    Anota's expertise in DocuWare, combined with Intuitive's cutting-edge visualisation technology creates an unbeatable solution.

    Established in 2011, a recognised Platinum Partner and Customer Service Champion, Anota’s bespoke solutions are tailored to suit each client partner, across a wide variety of sectors including automotive and medical manufacturing, supply chain, logistics and distribution.

    Our focus is to enhance efficiency, minimise paper usage, and promote environmentally conscious business practices so that your focus can be on doing what you do best.


    To find out more about Intuitive Dashboards for DocuWare contact us or visit